Simple life …

Find solace in silent prayers…

Treat fellow people with kindness

Strive to be humble and wise

Still, preserve the kid inside you

Most importantly always remember to have fun…


Heal Thy Self..

Lord help me help myself
For who else can do it..
For I know my own demons that no one cares or knows
Let me transformed by universal love
Let me be blessed by universal love

my life …

Every day is a metamorphosis
Letting inertia control me
Like a feather drifting in wind
Life is taking me to a myriad of places

Do I like this way? .. don’t know
Took a long time to even realise this about myself
Sometimes even breathing seems like a lot of work
I need to find what energises me every day…

I am a work in progress,
I enjoy my quirky offbeat journey
Spontaneity and stability is my goal,
Maybe that’s why I am at a standstill

Coz both are forces pulling in opposite directions.

Human compassion and invisible caring of higher guiding power

Its always been my experience that , God though people have helped me in amazing ways and has been there as an invisible protector. Psalm 23:4 I guess is very relevant for me. I might have been protected even when I did not even realize fully the extent of trouble I might have been in.

Let me describe an event that happened today, since I am moving out of apartment , I put up certain things in Offerup app. Later a Filipino gentleman Joey showed up and took bed, chairs, and couple of plastic cabinets.I was happy that items were sold. But I did not know that one of the cabinets had my checkbook and some private documents, until later at night Joey messaged me informing me of it.  I suddenly asked his address and requested to give a call back on my number.Joey graciously messaged me his address and gave me call and provided his home number too. When I said that I wanted to collect it today itself, even though it was night, he agreed to wait and I was able to pick it. He stressed again that, had the check book was in wrong hands I would have been in trouble, least I can do was to return some portion of money he paid me.

I believe it is the invisible higher power that is giving protection during the ordeals like this.I humbly pray for good people like Joey and for their family and friends.I also humbly pray that all people including myself, no matter what their situation find solace in higher power and transform themselves to beautiful beings.

Amazing photoGrapher

I know this is not my original content..but just discovered this amazing photographer Steve Mccurry. Saw his Instagram feed and instantly got drawn into his pictures due to rich color, intense subjects … simply awe-inspiring shots. He is person behind famous ‘Afghan Girl’ picture. ,

Check out his blog post below, where he is just simply letting his pictures speak for itself

Portraits reveal a desire for human connection; a desire so strong that people who know they will never see me again open themselves to the camera, all in the hope that at the other end someone will be watching, someone who will laugh or suffer with them. What could be more simple and more complex, […]

via On Portraiture — Steve McCurry’s Blog

First blog post – “Hello World”

“Hello World” . Being from a programming back ground that was the first phrase that came to mind. Hopefully in the coming days and years will try to churn out content worthy of inspiring minds. Wishing all and everyone stability, peace and prosperity.

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